Midnight Sale!


My latest YA Dystopian book is on sale for a short time for $0.99! Merry Christmas/Happy Boxing Day. 🙂

Click here to purchase your Kindle copy (and I’d love to hear what you think with a review when you’re finished–just click the “Write a Customer Review” button toward the bottom of the webpage when you’re ready!).

A Millennial Star Review


The Midnight Slaves received a fantastic, detailed review on The Millennial Stari blog. Head over by clicking here to read it in its entirety!

Midnight Slaves is well written with descriptions of people, animals and places flowing easily through its pages. The dialogue is natural and convincing.  The characters are believable and have a good depth of character developed. It is written with the modern reader in mind, lots of action and interaction. It definitely kept me engaged through the book with strong dialogue and action. 

Click here to purchase The Midnight Slaves on Amazon.

The Midnight Slaves Blurb


If you’ve been wondering what The Midnight Slaves is about, here you go!

At the brink of humanity’s self-destruction, New Haven has risen from the ashes as a place where illness is rare, crime is unheard of and work is a thing of the past. Under The Council’s direction, the entire community serves to improve and enrich each other’s lives, a luxury made possible by a sophisticated system of robots who take care of the menial day-to-day tasks while its citizens sleep. Awoken unexpectedly one night, Jude Stone comes face to face with a mysterious stranger named Zoe and he discovers a secret that, if exposed, could mean his banishment. Plunged deeper into Zoe’s world, truth becomes clouded and he’s caught in the middle of a dangerous game played by those in power. He must choose between family loyalty and doing what’s right, even if it means revealing New Haven’s sinister secret and destroying his perfect way of life…