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She’s offering him fame and fortune. He’s looking for something a little more lasting…

Mandy Alcott swore she’d never return to Texas but she’s on assignment to scout out the next big music talent. Mandy would love nothing more than to get out of the backwoods honky tonk bar before someone recognizes her, especially her ex-fiancé.

Too bad he’s up on stage and he totally saw her tip out of her chair.

Tyson wants the simple life: running cattle, fixing tractors, making a little music. When Mandy approaches him with an offer anyone would be idiotic not to take, he turns her down. He wants to see her squirm. It’s the least he could do after she left him high and dry.

Cowpies, chafed thighs, and a mechanical bull aren’t going to stop Mandy from getting what she came to get. When Tyson’s signs the contract, she’s leaving Texas with no strings attached. The problem? Tyson’s made it clear he wants her heart and this time, he’s playing for keeps.

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Diana had her life planned out…falling for a handsome superstar was definitely not part of it.

Diana prides herself on being in control of every aspect of her life, right down to the house plants that keep her company during her long, lonely nights at home. Plants don’t bark or shed and yes, they have names, but they aren’t much for company. When an unfortunate photo caught with Tad Fisher, pop music’s favorite bad boy surfaces, she’s pegged as his new girlfriend. The only thing crazier than actually being his girlfriend is faking that their relationship is real.

Tad is tired of being painted as a player. Diana is the key to repairing his image and though she could kill him for pulling juvenile stunts like soaking her in the pool, she always ends up laughing too hard to care.

There are a million reasons why being with Tad shouldn’t work but his killer smile, big heart, and chicken tikka masala are hard to resist. Though Diana doesn’t want to go back to being just friends, she has to trust that her heart has made the right choice.

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M2_Christmas_Wishes_at_Holly_Wreath_Inn SERIES

She’s happy with small town life. He left without ever looking back. A visit home for Christmas just might change his mind.

Katie Holloway is content in Holly Wreath, the only place that’s ever called home. The only downside? The dating pool is drying up. When her best friend’s older brother comes back to town, she decides this Christmas, there’s no better time to finally let him know she’s had a crush on him since grade school.

Though Will Ryan plans on getting in and out of Holly Wreath quickly, he reconsiders when he sees his little sister’s best friend for the first time in a long time. Katie’s grown into the kind of woman he thought didn’t exist anymore.

Will isn’t in such a hurry to leave and Katie is hoping her Christmas wish comes true, but the unexpected arrival of Will’s ex complicates things. Choices have to be made, and neither of them want to spend the holiday with heartache.

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M2_Christmas_Kisses_in_Holly_WreathFINAL SERIES

She’s still not over her heartbreak. He’s healing from his painful past…but nobody should be lonely for Christmas.

It’s not Piper Woodhull’s first Christmas alone, but living in a small-town where she can’t escape the heartache of her past is its own kind of torture. Seeing her ex-best friend with her perfect family is a reminder of everything Piper almost had, and maybe never will.

Rudger Pierce moved to Holly Wreath looking for a fresh start by leaving his painful past where it belongs. He’s sure it’s ruined his chances for a new relationship, but when he keeps crossing paths with Piper, he finds himself wanting her.

As they spend more time together, they feel they need each other—both to heal from their pasts, and create hope for their futures. Piper believes Rudger might be the one until she discovers a secret of Rudger’s that might be too much to forgive.

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M2_Christmas_Miracles_in_Holly_Wreath SERIES

He insulted her. She slammed the door in his face. Only their mutual dislike of Christmas will bring them together.

Billionaire Ethan Wilder has a lot of reasons to hate Christmas, but being dumped by his cheating fiancée and ending up in Holly Wreath, Wyoming to hide out is currently the biggest. The next person on the receiving end of his bad attitude is the waitress serving him cold diner food.

Nobody hates waitressing more than Olivia Campbell, but she has to do something to pay the bills when customers at her bed and breakfast are slow. She puts on a happy face for her daughter, but after her husband walked out on them right before Christmas five years earlier, it’s not her favorite season. To make matters worse, she opens her front door to discover her new houseguest is the cantankerous man from the diner with the gorgeous hazel eyes.

Living in close quarters should be unbearable, but as they share some of the simple pleasures of the holidays together, Olivia and Ethan find themselves enjoying the holiday for the first time in a long time—but when Olivia discovers just who Ethan is, only a Christmas miracle may be what keeps them together

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M5_The_Sisters_Spell FINAL

With two obnoxious sisters, three undead witches, a teenage crush, Rebekah’s got the makings of one unforgettable Halloween.

Turning sixteen should have been exciting but Rebekah Lockwood’s birthday isn’t going at all as planned. Her sisters, Edith and Tabitha, have reminded her she’s the forgotten middle child, the guy she’s crushing on doesn’t even know her name, and her horse dumps her in the middle of a creepy forest…all before she accidentally raises three witches from the grave.


Now instead of trick-or-treating, the Lockwood sisters spend Halloween night dodging dark magic, helping their friends-turned-rodents, and if Rebekah’s lucky, maybe she’ll get to impress Austin, the cute guy she’s had her eye on.

To keep their town of Cotton Hollow safe, they must defeat the insatiable Pickering witches. It’ll require bravery but more importantly, it’ll take the bonds of sisterhood. And all without killing each other.

So much easier said than done.

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Eloise is ready to hit a high note as a pop star…except her ex is being a major distraction.

Eloise Stauch’s fears of becoming an old, shut-in cat lady are shelved when she’s invited to go on tour following an appearance on a popular singing competition. When all is said and done, she’ll have a recording contract with Harper Music. Simple…until her ex-boyfriend, Warren, shows up unannounced and with horrible timing: it’s on the one day she hasn’t washed her hair, and she’s still wearing the same pants she slept in.

Warren’s gorgeous singing voice and Southern charm are hard to resist, but Eloise is determined to stay focused. Easier said than done when one glance from him makes her insides turn to mush. Warren doesn’t hesitate trying to win her back, even if she occasionally wants to crawl under a rock when she makes a fool of herself. Protective of her once broken heart, Eloise quickly realizes she’s falling head over heels for him again.

As flirting with Warren reaches a pinnacle and she thinks she’s ready to give him a second chance, Eloise discovers he’s been keeping a secret that brings his character into question. When the music stops, Eloise will have to decide whether trusting Warren will lead her to another shattered heart or if the two of them just might discover a love that’s written in the stars.

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Follow Ruby Harkwad, Kiki Loveless, and Monica Best as they navigate fame, hilarious mishaps, and finding true love.

When a Star Falls (Book One): Ruby Harkwad is a gifted songwriter, and when she meets Collin Moore, she falls head over heels for him. The pair become inseparable, but Ruby’s recruited by a top record label at the same time Collin’s career takes off, too. While dealing with an eccentric diva, a handsome backup guitarist, and sky-high stilettos, Ruby realizes Collin’s beautiful personal assistant has set her eyes on him. Ruby must decide between making a name for herself or sacrificing it all to keep from losing Collin for good…

How a Star Shines (Book Two): Kiki Loveless is the queen of pop music and resists having bodyguard, determined to protect her independence but her record label insists. To her surprise, her new guardian is Josh Coleman, a hunky former classmate. Josh helps Kiki navigate cringeworthy paparazzi photos, vain male co-stars, and rabid crowds of fans. When Kiki’s ex shows up, he makes it clear he’d love nothing more than to see Kiki fail, so she must decide if keeping her spot at the top of the pop charts is more important than risking it all on love.

See a Star Rise (Book Three): After a rocky start to stardom, Monica Best is finally back on track. She’s madly in love with her boyfriend and manager, Preston Scott, until she discovers him with another woman. Ready to swear off men, Monica is introduced to Logan Hathaway, her new publicist. Logan’s everything Preston isn’t and is willing to go along with Monica’s plan of becoming her fake boyfriend to make Preston jealous. The two agree on no attachment but real and fake become blurred. When she’s ready to try a real relationship, Logan’s unfailingly sweet lifelong friend decides to make her move. Heartbroken, Monica has to decide if she’s willing to fight for love or say goodbye before losing her chance at stardom.

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Shoot for the Stars kindle cover.jpg

Vanessa de la Paz has always had it all…until she can’t have her best friend, Harrison.

Vanessa de la Paz is determined to make it big as a pop singer, but she wants to do it on her own without her father’s bank account paving the way. Met with a dead end at every turn, she’s ready to admit defeat. It isn’t until a last-minute tryout for a singing competition that she manages to get her foot in the door with recording giant, Harper Music.

As Vanessa’s wardrobe stylist, Harrison Burbank is far from the type of man Vanessa typically dates, but once the contest kicks into gear and their friendship blossoms, Vanessa realizes there’s something special about him. She’s not the only one to notice Harrison’s adorable smile and endearing quirks: just as she decides to make her feelings known, another singer with artificially enhanced lips, cheap hair extensions, and the determination to win at any cost swoops in and steals away Harrison’s affections.

Vanessa knows winning the competition is on the line, but persuading Harrison that opposites attract would be the biggest prize of all.

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Monica Best believes in second chances…until her boyfriend breaks her heart.

After a rocky start to stardom, Monica Best’s life is finally back on track. She’s thrilled with the direction her pop star career is taking and is madly in love with Preston Scott, her doting boyfriend and ambitious manager, until she discovers him making out with another woman.

Ready to swear off men completely, Monica is introduced to Logan Hathaway, the new publicist Harper Music has hired specifically to help bolster her career. He’s gorgeous, polite, and has a heart of gold. Even better, he’s willing to go along with Monica’s impromptu plan of becoming her fake boyfriend in a plot to make Preston jealous. The pretend couple agrees on no emotional attachment but the lines between real and fake quickly become blurred.

It isn’t long before Monica realizes she’s falling hard for Logan. Just when she’s finally ready to give their relationship a try, Logan’s beautiful and unfailingly sweet lifelong friend decides to make a move and confess her feelings for him. Heartbroken, the show must go on and Monica has to decide if she’s willing to fight for love or say goodbye before losing her chance at stardom forever.

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Superstar Kiki has it all…except someone to love.

Kiki Loveless is the queen of pop music and has done it all on her own, without a man’s help. So, when her record label hires a bodyguard, she’s determined to protect her independence by driving him away. She soon realizes that might be a challenge since her new bodyguard is Josh Coleman, a hunky former classmate who’s surprisingly persistent.

As much as she wants to hate having him around, she can’t. He helps navigate cringeworthy paparazzi photos, handle vain male co-stars, and hold back rabid crowds who would do anything to have a piece of Kiki.

When Kiki’s ex shows up, he makes it clear he’d love nothing more than to see Kiki fail—even if it means dragging Josh down, too. With so much at stake, Kiki must decide if keeping her spot at the top of the pop charts is more important than risking it all on love.

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Ruby’s on her way to stardom and finding true love…if she doesn’t trip over her own two feet first!

Ruby Harkwad is a gifted songwriter with big ambitions. The day she meets Collin Moore, a brilliant rocket scientist and an all-around epitome of male perfection, she literally tumbles into his arms. Not only does he bring out Ruby’s klutziness, he also inspires the lyrics she’s been struggling to get on paper.

The pair quickly becomes inseparable, but after Collin posts a video of an impromptu performance Ruby does on a dare, she’s recruited by a top record label when it comes to their attention. As Ruby’s being whipped into superstar shape by a ruthless beautician, Collin’s career takes off, too. Soon, Ruby discovers that there are perils to stardom, namely an eccentric diva who’s taken Ruby under her wing, a ridiculously handsome backup guitarist, and sky-high stilettos that threaten to be the death of her. Ruby’s life becomes a whirlwind without much place for Collin.

Worse, his beautiful and cunning personal assistant is no help when she sets her eyes on him. Ruby must decide between making a name for herself or sacrificing it all to keep from losing Collin for good…

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On one of the worst days of Autumn Whittaker’s life, she meets Deputy Dean Thompson when he pulls her over—twice—for traffic violations. Though he smells heavenly and has a killer smile, she’d be more than happy to never see him again. She soon discovers that won’t be possible: he’s her Friday night blind date.
As much as she wants to keep her distance, Autumn feels her resolve crumbling when she repeatedly bumps into Dean, discovering there’s more to him than just the upstanding law officer that she first met. He’s everything that Autumn’s controlling, manipulative former fiancé, Jason, was not, and soon, she realizes that Dean might be the key to getting over her ex and finding true love.
With everything going so perfectly, Autumn’s heart is shattered when Dean and Autumn run into Jason, and he reminds her that she’s average, ordinary, and boring. Can Dean show her that she has what it takes to make her own happily ever after?

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A Kiss at Town Square!