Nayu’s Reading Corner Review: Headed for the Win

CaptureHeaded for the Win received a fantastic review from Nayu’s reading corner.

Here it is!

Nayu’s thoughts  
It was a pleasure for me to review this book, as Rachael had found out I enjoy horse books and wanted to know my opinion on her work. This is a heartwarming horse tale about friendship and generosity – how many people happily buy a horse and pay for someone who doesn’t have money to ride them? It was an opportunity of a lifetime for Nadia, who overreacted in the early stages of getting to know Winny leading to an incredible change. There were so many things Nadia struggled to get to grips with being in a horse form: as a non-rider I enjoyed learning more about horse biology, including what horses need to do/avoid to stay healthy.
The biggest challenge for Nadia is communication. She can’t speak, but thankfully Winny, who has taken Nadia’s body, is able to help Nadia to survive being a horse. It was funny how Nadia’s family and friends reacted to the body switch. They didn’t know the truth, but both Winny and Nadia muddle through the situation, with Winny giving Nadia insight not only to what Winny (the horse) needs, but also how Nadia needs to treat others. It was a bit frustrating for both me and Nadia when a few occasions happened during the body switch which Nadia missed out on, but I promise it’s worth it in the end – and yes they switch back!

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